House Call Services

Dr. Bogdan and a veterinary technician will travel to your home to perform a complete physical examination, vaccinations, blood tests, prescribe medication, or perform laser treatments, as needed for your pet. 
If more involved diagnostics, hospitalization, or surgical procedures are indicated, your pet can then be transported to Middle Quarter Animal Hospital for additional care.

Saying Good-Bye at Home

The decision to euthanize one's pet is never an easy one. It is often accompanied by grief, anxiety, and even guilt at the thought of saying good-bye to one's companion.
End of life decisions are a responsibility we take seriously and reverently. It is a privilege to be included in a time where final moments are spent with a beloved friend. At our hospital we are able to offer owners a chance to say good-bye to their companion in the peaceful, familiar surroundings of their own home. Perhaps in a special place - their bed, on a sunlit patio, or under a favorite tree.
These final moments together are precious and we do our utmost to make these moments calm and serene.
For help with your decision, or to schedule a house call, call 203-263-4772 Middle Quarter Animal Hospital Woodbury, CT 06798.


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